Alpha innotech IS2200 Digital UV-Vis Imaging System with Thermal Printer

High performance and fully automated system for imaging a wide range of fluorescent and colorimetric applications. The system includes:

  • White lights to aid in regular imaging and for focusing and positioning other samples
  • Dual wavelength transilluminator with high and low setting
  • White light table for colorimetric applications
  • AlphaView Software for image analysis and quantification

Agilent GC/MS

Analytical instrument for quantifying metabolites (i.e. central intermediates, lipids, etc.) and identifying and tracking isotopomers in metabolic pathways.

Bio-Rad C1000 Thermocycler with 96-well block

For amplification/PCR, cloning, cycle sequencing, and mutagenesis

Eppendorf Multiporator

An electroporator for eukaryotic cells, yeast, and bacteria